MacArthur Stine

MacArthur Stine is a flatlander (sorry) but has been doing his best to overcome that since he moved to Vermont as a naive 2 year old with a bindle full of dreams and a golden retriever named Annie. He spent his youth tramping the forests of Cornwall Vermont and can still often be found meandering amongst the maples. Since high school he has been active both on and backstage. A graduate of the Second City Conservatory he founded a sketch group, Sassafrass Productions, worked at the Steppenwolf Scene Shop, and ran a sucessfull standup showcase where he was lucky to work with the likes of TJ Miller and Hannibal Buress among others. Following his move back to Vermont in '09, he immediately left to work for FELD Entertainment as a touring Props Master, Pyrotechnician and Assistant Stage Manager for both Mickey Mouse and Phineas and Ferb. For the last few years he has been the Director of Technical Services at Castleton University, providing lights, sound and other sundries for too many acts to mention. He is super excited to be involved with GIA and hopes you are too!