Marcel Freda

Raised in the little town of Elmore, VT Marcel Freda is a stage/screen actor, director, writer, comedian and educator who traded his snowshoes for flippers and a snorkel when he moved to the Island of St John in the Caribbean two years ago. He is currently the Director of Gifft Hill School's Theater Program there. Marcel has been acting for over 20 years, ever since a dedicated teacher of his encouraged (ok, forced) him on stage in the 8th grade. Marcel, forever grateful for the encouragement of his teacher, has tried to provide young people with similar opportunity and support as an educator of the performing arts and artist in residence at many schools. He enjoyed many successful years as the theater director at his high school alma mater, Peoples Academy in Morrisville, before his move to The Virgin Islands. Over the years, Marcel has worked in a variety of positions with The Governor's Institutes of Vermont. These include Director of the GIV Winter Weekends at Goddard College, a member of the Arts Faculty, a Director of Student Life here at GIA and... he was even a fresh faced RA for a few years way back when. It's a relationship that started when Marcel himself was a student at GIA. GIA has been a lifetime of inspirational and formative experiences for Marcel and he's so excited to be back.