The community that we create at GIA each summer is always unique and filled with energy. We begin each Institute by defining what community means to us. First, we come up with the dreamiest artistic community that we can think of, then we do our best at making that dream come true for the following two weeks. We dig deep and ask tough questions:

What inspires you? What do you wish was different about your own high school? How do we cultivate respect? What makes you feel valued? What makes you feel safe? How do we allow ourselves be vulnerable in our artistic practice? How will we help each other achieve goals?

In the end, it is the hard work of each student who attends that creates the type of community we want to see.





Get a peek at the inner thoughts of the folks who attended in 2012!

The ARTfessional was the brainchild of some brilliant RAs. They created a space in the gallery where students could ponder, and answer deep questions that were asked during that morning's meeting.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? What did you believe when you were eight? How do you recharge your batteries?