What does GIA offer?

For over 30 years, students from around the state have gathered to create a unique learning community while taking classes with professional teaching artists. GIA is not specifically a gifted and talented program, but exists to offer students with all kinds of interests the opportunity to try something new, embrace different perspectives and make connections with peers across the state. You, as an educator, are our closest link to the population we are eager to serve, and we hope you can help us reach as many high school students around the state as possible.


How can you help us promote GIA?

  • Learn more about GIA by perusing the ABOUT page and look through our CLASSES & OFFERINGS

  • Speak with students grades 9-11 about GIA, and encourage them to apply during open application time (Feb-March). Due dates vary by school but you can look up your school here.

  • Support students through the application process by writing them a recommendation and helping them meet the deadline

  • Put up flyers and promotional materials in your school and community. Contact us for physical copies mailed to you! Or download them when this year's are available.

  • Come see the magic for yourself! GIV can help you arrange a visit to GIA while the Institute is happening. We find that folks who have seen this transformative place are our best advocates! Find this year's dates here.

We are eager to work with you and your school to encourage your students to apply to GIA. We would be happy to get you hard copies of our brochure, offer ideas on local funding that past students have used to attend GIA, connect you with educators from other VT schools that often have GIA attendees, speak with families who are considering it, or even set up a date for a GIA alum or teaching artist to offer first-hand knowledge of the GIA experience to your students. Please contact us to let us know what will work best for your school!


Funding and Scholarships

We appreciate that the current fiscal environment is challenging for schools and families. Students and parents may not realize that some schools pay for part or all of the tuition, and we also offer financial aid and scholarships to qualifying students. In fact, the tuition is on a sliding scale based on what families can afford, starting at just $20. See GIV's sliding scale tuition chart here. There's also no per-school limit on the number of students who can attend GIA, so please encourage anyone to apply who you think might be interested!

Check out the rest of the website to learn More about GIA! 

Watch videos about GIA.