Hilary Clark

Hilary Clark is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer, performing in pivotal experimental dance and theater based work, touring nationally and internationally. She received a New York Dance and Performance Award (2008) for her work with Tere O’Connor (2004–2014), luciana achugar (2005–2015), and Fiona Marcotty. She has also worked with Luke George, Jen Rosenblit, Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, Young Jean Lee Theater Company, Jon Kinzel, Larissa Velez Jackson, Keyon Gaskin, and Gerard and Kelly.
As a 2015 Artist in Residence at collective address (NYC), she explored the role and work of the dancer as well as developing Duet for/with/including Jen. Her solo, Accessories of Protection, premiered at Danspace Project (2012), her work as performer and choreographer is documented in Jenn Joy’s book The Choreographic (MIT, 2014). Clark has taught at Chunky Move (Australia), Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Pacific NorthWest College of Art (Oregon), Velocity Dance Center (Seattle, WA) and Movement Research (NYC). She is the director of Citrine Pilates &Wellness in Brooklyn, NY and is currently a teaching fellow and MFA candidate at Bennington College.