Accepted Students:

Here is a list of helpful information to get you prepared for this summer:

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We're So Excited to Meet you!!

Please encourage your parents/guardians to join us for:



Registration is open from 1:30 PM - 3:30PM on the first Sunday. There will be signs on Main St in Castleton pointing you to the Huden Dining Hall, where we'll get you registered and into your dorm. Your parent/guardian will help get you moved in. Then you'll have to wave good-bye. You will be whisked away to meet the rest of this year's GIA community!


We'll be parading in downtown Castleton on July 4th. Family and friends are welcome to attend the parade  continue parading on, so there isn't really time to visit. Just wave and smile!



Please help us by convincing your parents/guardians to join us for the last day festivities on the final Sunday:  12:00pm - 3:00pm. Parents/guardians should arrive between 11:30 AM and noon at the Castleton University Fine Arts Center  not the dorms. Parking is available in the lot near the Fine Arts Center-there will be signs!

This is an opportunity for you all to share with the larger community back home, what you have been working on, and how all of the different art forms work together! We will be done by 3 PM. You will have already packed up their things in the morning, so you will be able to grab your luggage and go home after our program ends. It is extremely important to us that all students stay to the end to complete the experience. We know that many people have a long way to go on that day, so help us by thanking your parents/guardians for their understanding and support of our community. 

Castleton University

You'll be spending 2 weeks here with us. Take a look at the map of Castleton's campus; GIA shares the campus with other folks, so the boundaries of GIA’s campus will be clarified when you arrive. For information about how to get here, check out the For Parents/Guardians page.