Perhaps our largest category of classes is the visual arts! Our visual artists fill our gallery to the gills with work over the 2 weeks. Classes are different every year, but we try to offer visual arts classes in many different mediums–both flat and 3D, and classes not always offered in traditional high schools. Our drawing or painting classes include AND move beyond the boundaries of traditional practices. We work with nude models, we work with our eyes closed, we use weird tools, we work BIG and small. We work representationally AND abstractly. Our goal is to break you out of your comfort zone!

Paying homage to Vermont's rich history, we consistently offer stone carving. In addition, we have a mix of other types of 3D arts. In the past these have included printmaking, large scale inflatables, installation art, lamp making, fiber arts, bookmaking, or basket weaving. 




Printmaking and drawing students and the Governor's Institute on the Arts describe what attending GIA is like. Get a glimpse inside some of the classrooms at GIA, and gain an understanding for what makes this 2 week summer arts program so unique.